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Tongariro Alpine Crossing – Tongariro Track Transport

tongariro shuttle

The Tongariro Crossing is a one way track; you will need to arrange return transport. You will be away for most of the day, as this is a remote area theft from and vandalism to cars left at the road ends is an increasing problem. We recommend you leave your vehicle here at the lodge, we are sure you do not want to waste your holiday time in a New Zealand police station.

The return Tongariro Shuttle is $40.00 per person from National Park Village

Departure time variable depending on numbers and weather

Arrange a pick up time to summit Mt Ngauruhoe (Before you leave) We do have some cell phone coverage on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, depending on what service you are with. Groups by arrangement

Packed Lunch for $20.00


  • 1 x Sandwich,
  • 2 x pieces of Fruit,
  • 1 healthy nut Bar,
  • 1 muesli Bar,
  • 1 packet nuts/raisins,
  • 1 Chocolate Bar,
  • 1 boiled egg
  • 1.5 litres of Water

You will need…

As the weather conditions can change rapidly in the region you need to be prepared with:

  • Warm clothing,
  • Tramping Boots, (or good strong footwear), Day pack, wool jumper or fleece, waterproof coat, hat and gloves, first aid kit, sun block,food and water,
  • A once in a lifetime experience – remember your camera.


Hire Clothing

  • We can arrange Hiking Boots, Rain Jackets, Pants, Hiking Poles and Backpacks. Plus Crampons and Ice axes (when required).
  • Jacket /Overtrous
  • Hiking Boots /Hiking Poles